Mountain Dog Tree Care is a tree service located in Eagle County, Colorado. Mountain Dog Tree Care specializes in Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, and Fire Mitigation in the Vail Valley and Eagle County area. We have an ISA certified arborist on staff with 11+ years in the tree industry and an Eagle County resident since 2009. 

Mountain Dog Tree Care is fully licensed and insured.

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Tree Removal

Mountain Dog Tree Care has 11+ years in the tree service industry and would love to hear about your tree removal needs. We’ll meet with you one-on-one and discuss our plan. When we arrive we will remove the unwanted tree and the only thing left will be the stump. If you would like to hear more about stump removal we can set you up with that service as well.

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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is essential for the growth and health and stability of your trees. Mountain Dog Tree Care provides pruning services that include trimming branches, leaves, and roots from trees to prevent damage, destruction, and/or for aesthetic purposes.

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Fire Mitigation

Fire Mitigation protects your home from wildfires. We use a variety of precautionary measures to protect your home from a wildfire. Trees around the perimeter of your home will be inspected and modified appropriately to ensure their fire resistance.

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